Carolyn Moffat
  • Carolyn Moffat

  • Hey there! I'm Carolyn, a newborn and family photographer based in Boston, MA. I am originally from Michigan but have been calling the east coast home for over 7 years. I love bookstores, Netflix binging, and world travel with my smarty-pants husband, Parker. I am obsessed with McDonald's Diet Coke. I have a bachelors degree in Business Management, but photography is my passion!

My Photography Story
  • My Photography Story

  • I started dabbling in photography shortly after moving to Boston as a way to explore my new surroundings. After being a hobbyest for a few years, I officially launched Carolyn Moffat Photography in 2016. This business of mine has been one of my greatest adventures yet. I love getting to meet new friends all the time while doing something I love!

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