FAQNewborn Sessions

Here are the answers to my frequently asked questions regarding newborn sessions, and just some helpful things to know!

How far in advance should I schedule my newborn session?
I recommend scheduling your session at least two months before baby’s due date. This will allow me to save the date on my calendar. Once baby is born we will determine the best day for the session.

When and where do newborn session take place?
I like to schedule newborn sessions within the first two weeks after baby is born. There is something really special about being able to capture babies when they are so new and small! Newborn sessions take place in the client’s home. I find it easier to come to you rather than making you come to me, and I love the opportunity to photograph families in their homes. Additionally, I like to schedule newborn sessions around mid-morning.

What is you newborn photography style?
I consider myself to be a lifestyle photographer. This essentially means that instead of using props and various backdrops, I use your home and personal belongings to set the stage for your session. I love being able to capture genuine moments in your natural environment.

How long do newborn sessions generally last?
Newborn sessions usually last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. Personally I am more focused on making sure that we don’t feel rushed or stressed during the session, and that we take our time to get the photos you want. So don’t worry if we end up taking longer than anticipated!

What should I wear for the session?
Simple is best. Neutral colors that avoid bold patterns and logos tend to photograph best and allow the focus to be on baby, which is what we want! The biggest recommendation I can make is to pick something that is comfortable for you to wear. For some inspiration on what to wear for your session, check out this Pinterest board I have put together with some ideas!

What should baby wear for the session?
Again, simple is best. I recommend either a plain white onesie or a tight-fitting neutral colored outfit. It’s also usually a good idea to have some neutral swaddle blankets that avoid distracting patterns handy to wrap baby.

Can I show you photo ideas I like? 
Yes! In fact, I encourage it! It really helps me as a photographer when I know what kinds of images and posing you like.

How many people can I have at the session?
The more the merrier!

How can I best prepare for my newborn session? 
A few things to keep in mindnewborn sessions tend to go more smoothly when baby is full and sleepy. As such, I’d recommend timing the feedings so that you feed baby either right before I arrive, or once I get there. Additionally, please keep in mind that because we will be using various parts of your home (i.e. baby’s nursery, master bedroom, living room, etc.) it is really helpful if you remove any clutter that may be in the photos to a different room ahead of time.

What is included with the session fee? 
The session fee of $350 includes both the session in your home and 25-30 professionally retouched, digital downloads.

How do I receive by photos from my session? 
I provide you with the digital files from your session through a password protected, online photo gallery. This gallery allows me to share your photos with you as soon as possible. From this gallery you can download the photos directly to your computer and then do with them what you want!

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have!